Episode 20 - An Effortless Way to Donate

Mike Nellis, president and CEO of Austin Community Foundation (ACF), joins the team in a conversation about the tax benefits and ease of donating.

As the third largest foundation in the Central Texas region, ACF reflects what is unique about Austin and works to serve the needs of the community. Therefore, ACF raises funds so the needs of Austin, as they exist today and in the future, can be met. Nellis explains the new tool the foundation adopted, called Modern Giving. It is a digital platform that allows micro-giving into a donor-advised platform, in other words, an easier way to donate to a foundation of choice. Modern Giving is an easily adaptable tool for this generation because of its flexible structure that makes donating an effortless task. Listen now and learn how Austin Community Foundation continues to practice innovation!



Lisa Graham - Co-Founder, Notley

Dan Graham - Co-Founder, Notley


Mike Nellis - President and CEO, Austin Community Foundation


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