Episode 14 - Investing in Impact

On this Episode of Change the Rules, we meet with David Smith CEO of the United Way of Greater Austin to discuss how our local chapter is innovating and generating impact. United Way of Greater Austin's mission is to bring people, ideas, and resources together in order to fight systematic poverty. They do this by continually evolving their practices, partnerships, and programming. 

We also talk about Click for the Cause, a new initiative that brings together 5 nonprofits who are answering one simple question.

What would you attempt to do if you had an influx of donor dollars?

Each week the Click for the Cause contestants are battling for votes to get themselves to the Philanthropitch stage on May 8th. Vote now to support your favorite Click for the Cause organization.


Lisa Graham - Co-Founder, Notley

Dan Graham - Co-Founder, Notley


David Smith - CEO, United Way for Greater Austin


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Shayna Brown - Founder of Chez Boom Audio


Chez Boom Audio


United Way for Greater Austin

Click for the Cause

How Children Succeed