Meet the Team: Briana Loëb

If there was a ‘people’ dictionary, Briana Loeb would translate to outgoing, positive, talkative, independent, and kind. With a passion rooted in individual empowerment, Briana believes that if we empower people to take complete ownership of their lives and step into their greatness, the world would be an infinitely better place. One of her other passions is eating. Whether it be from Austin’s epicenter of barbecue, tacos, and beer or relaxing at a local coffee shop or cocktail bar downtown, she is always exploring new eats. As a Native Texan, her favorite place in the world is the Lone Star State; as an Austinite her favorite local businesses are Book People, Torchy’s Tacos, Waterloo Records, and Amy’s Ice Cream.

Briana Post.JPG

Briana is the Marketing Coordinator at Notley. She dedicates her work to developing Austin’s social ecosystem by connecting people that have aligned interests. She loves her job because she is in a position to empower members of the community to achieve great change. She says, “Notley is challenging the norms every day!” She enjoys talking to new people and understanding their life purpose. One of her greatest professional accomplishments was completing the Tough Mudder, an obstacle race, with the Notley team in May.

As a highly extroverted individual, Briana enjoys being around people. She can be found enjoying margaritas with friends, buried in a book, or exploring with her puppy dog, Duesy. She indulges in chunky ice cream and secretly binge watches Gilmore Girls. She relishes in laughing, creating art, and having long conversations with people. As the true Texan she is, she takes any chance to go to the shooting range, watch a football game, or go horseback riding.

Her fictional mentor is Remus Lupin because she’d love to learn how to cast a perfect patronus charm. However, her real mentor would be her Grandma, Betty. Keeping up with her interest in fictional books, she would invite Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Luna Lovegood, and Lorelai Gilmore to a dinner party. She lives by Mae West’s words, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”