10 Practical Solutions for your Fundraising Challenges

Whether you are an executive director, in a development or programming role, or serving as a board member, we all play a vital role in the fundraising process. While there are a lot of important components of running a nonprofit, many feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed when it comes to fundraising execution. 

Notley’s fundraising series provides nonprofits and their stakeholders with practical tools, expertise and strategies to accelerate fundraising efforts.

Our first workshop focused on highlighting business sales practices that—when combined with traditional fundraising principles—result in more predictable, manageable, and realistic revenue goals and outcomes. 

In our most recent masterclass, we hosted a panel discussion with seasoned fundraising experts Brett Barnes of Planned Parenthood, Julie Shannan of VentureLab, and Ashlynn Russey-Dickey of Notley where they shared their experiences, practical advice, and innovative campaign ideas. 

Here are 10 key takeaways from their discussion:

  1. If you are new, tag along with the program experts in your organization so you know the language and can share the message in your own words.

  2. Listen, listen, listen and align donor passions with your programs—it’s about their story, not yours. 

  3. Don’t rush for the ask until you take the time to understand your donor’s motivations and goals.

  4. If you aren’t getting a lot of “no’s”, you’re not asking enough.

  5. Failing forward means owning your mistakes and your team’s mistakes.

  6. Get a mentor who you trust; someone who pushes you and challenges your ideas...and when you ask them for their time, offer something in return, like donating to their favorite charity.

  7. If you don’t have a clear goal for an event or a follow-up strategy, it’s not worth doing.

  8. You have to help board members be confident fundraisers...make their job easy and do the work for them (i.e. stalk their LinkedIn contacts, write the ask emails, help with the follow-up).

  9. Stewardship is about relationship building, and effective stewardship is what results in transformational gifts!

  10. Reach out to a donor every day to thank them and make them feel special.

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How To Utilize Your Board For Fundraising

October 29, 9:00-11:00am 

Marion Lee of Lee + Associates will be leading a workshop on how to fully leverage and engage your board in fundraising. Executive Directors and their board leaders are encouraged to join this interactive session where we’ll arm you with a plan of action for increasing engagement and revenue.

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Madi Finley