Meet the Team: Christine Fahey

Christine Fahey.JPG

Let’s welcome our newest team member, Christine! Christine is our new Senior Designer, in other words she’s going to help make Notley look top-notch! As a designer, she adores being able to use her creativity and apply it to different brands in a way that will make them stand out, become memorable, and have them carry their own unique flare. Her mentor is Kim Lincon, a friend who started her own design business in Philly and inspires Christine through her talented design techniques.

Christine is passionate about health and fitness; she has been instructing indoor cycling at Flywheel Sports for the past four years outside of her role here at Notley. In fact, her greatest personal achievement has been motivating and leading others in the fitness industry.

Her favorite local businesses are El Alma, Seventh Flag Coffee, Frankie Jean, and May Designs. She has an interest in finding new restaurants, spending time with family and friends, and taking her golden retriever, Lucy, on adventures around Austin. She enjoys eating any flavor of ice cream to satisfy her major sweet tooth. Her favorite place in the world is the beach—any beach. She looks forward to visiting Greece someday because of it's incredible food and scenery.

Christine describes herself as humorous, genuine, outgoing, laid back, and motivated. As a secret goof, she takes joy in dancing like nobody’s watching and is torn between Anchorman and 10 Things I Hate About You for her favorite movies. She would invite Julianne Hough, Will Ferrell, and Vince Vaughn to a dinner party because they all make her laugh so hard she cries. In case any of them read this, she guaruntees you will become fast friends!

“Clear eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t lose.” Friday Night Lights is a favorite show of hers, and this quote had always resonated with her. She translates this quote to mean: if you have a clear vision and full heart put towards achieving a goal, this is the best outlook you can have to succeed.