Notley Partner Profile: Brian Hall of Traverse Legal


This post is part of the Notley Partner Profile series to spotlight socially responsible companies in Austin. Each month we will profile a new partner and spotlight how their organization is doing good in the community, best practices on engaging in social impact as a company, and key impact areas within the Austin community.  

Brian A. Hall is the managing partner of Traverse Legal, PLC’s Austin, Texas office, doing business as Hall Law, a law firm focused on IP and Business Law, including litigation and transactions. He leads the law firm’s service offering known as TraverseGC, a monthly fixed-fee subscription service providing General Counsel services to organizations, including non-profit organizations.  Brian is a regular author and speaker on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to law practice management, and he regularly mentors individuals and advises entities at all stages of the startup ecosystem.   


What social responsibility issue areas are most important to your company?

One of Traverse Legal’s Core Values is servant leadership.  This means being thought leaders in order to modernize and elevate the practice of law in order to better serve our clients and in turn their customers and society as a whole.  This includes providing affordable, predictable legal services to startups, including non-profit organizations.

Beyond the practice of law, this means working with organizations committed to social entrepreneurship and innovation.  We love helping organizations craft and implement a novel solution to a social problem in a more efficient and sustainable way, which we believe leads to greater impact.  

What impact has your company had in the community?

Our law firm’s attorneys are active with several mission driven organizations.  For example, Managing Partner Brian A. Hall is a Member of the Board of Directors for PeopleFund, a Community Development Financial Institution and nonprofit lender providing economic opportunity to underserved people.  Corporate Attorney Stephen Aarons is part of the leadership program with Anti-Defamation League, an organization fighting anti-semitism and hate in the world. We regularly work with nonprofits to provide guidance, donating to development efforts and providing free counsel to charitable initiatives.  

What have you learned in being a socially responsible business and brand?

As the saying goes: a rising tide raises all ships.  By donating to and volunteering with charitable organizations, we help those organizations impact the community.  That impact leads to more opportunities for those interested in working in the non-profit sector, more services for those served by the non-profit and more social innovation within the community.  Businesses want to do business with others driven by social responsibility, and our brand has become known as a socially responsible law firm interested in helping effectuate social innovation.

What do you want younger generations to know about this new way of conducting business?

Profit and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, private capital can be combined with public and philanthropic support to create thriving businesses.  We want younger generations to know that if they develop and implement solutions to systemic social issues (i.e. become a social entrepreneur), not only will social progress result but economic prosperity can as well.  

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