Clarice Blanco | PR & Content Intern


Hi there! My name is Clarice Blanco and I hail from the heart of Texas (Austin), though I was born in San Diego, California. I am currently studying English at Texas State University-San Marcos with a minor in Studies in Popular Culture. Everyone seems to wonder what exactly Studies in Popular Culture means, but it’s the basic analysis of significant aspects of everyday life ranging from mass media through the history of cultural trends and phenomenon.

I am most passionate about reading, writing, traveling, environmental affairs, and cats. Though I have not had direct experience with the social innovation ecosystem, my passion of improving literacy and education in society aligns with the basic understanding of it. I feel if everyone is able to read and comprehend, then they are not only bettering their lives but also the community. My basic understanding is, if people can read, then they can vote. If more people start voting, then society will surely improve. In support of my passion, I spent some time as a volunteer at the Thinkery at Mueller. I worked with children of all ages in exploring an environment surrounded by generating creative problem solvers. I didn’t just gain exposure to helping youngsters, but also learning some lessons myself.

Prior to joining Notley, I worked for two large companies. The first was American Eagle Outfitters which I felt spread the body positivity and “be yourself” messages which I was glad to be part of. The second was Whole Foods Market which encourages local and organic consumption and spreads healthy habits to the community. The great part about working for companies that have such positive messages is every employee is happy and willing to work for such a company. I enjoyed the friends I made at these companies and can’t wait to start building relationships with the people at Notley.  These experiences definitely shaped my vision for supporting and sustaining a healthy environment and contribution to the social innovation ecosystem.   

During this internship, I look forward to learning about the real world aspect of the public relations and content development field. Classroom knowledge only covers the technical aspects of a particular field, sometimes it’s best to learn the swing of things through trial-and-error. In particular, I want to learn more about blog posts, content development, and podcast production by the end of this internship. I would also like to master new skills, such as content development, blog writing, and writing production.

Looking toward the future, I plan on joining another internship within the PR/Marketing field for next summer and then graduating in December of 2019. After I graduate, I plan on utilizing my writing skills and knowledge to be a successful blog writer, social media communicator, or an editor for a business whose interests align with mine.

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