Announcing the First Philanthropitch Health Track Supported By St. David’s Foundation

Philanthropitch, the social impact fast pitch competition, is proud to work with St. David's Foundation to deliver the first Philanthropitch health track supporting health and wellness focused nonprofits. St. David’s has generously provided a $50,000 sponsorship toward Philanthropitch health track award recipients focused on supporting new approaches to improving community health.


"St. David's Foundation is proud to be supporting Philanthropitch, the social impact fast pitch competition, to create the first-ever health track," said Earl Maxwell, CEO of St. David’s Foundation. "We recognize there are many factors outside of the healthcare setting that impact the health of our community, and are thrilled to support and scale the most innovative approaches to improving our communities health now and in the future.”

For nonprofits still considering applying to Philanthropitch, this year’s health track encourages a broad definition of health and wellness. In defining “health” for this new Philanthropitch track, both Philanthropitch and St. David’s Foundation recognize that many factors outside of the traditional healthcare system affect our health, from mental and nutritional to relational and physical challenges.

“We encourage proposals that address any aspect of improving health and wellness and seek to impact health-related outcomes,” said Notley cofounder, Lisa Graham.

St. David’s Foundation and Philanthropitch will be working closely together to review applications from over 40 nonprofit applicants vying for their chance at this year's combined donation total of $250,000 on May 8th at the LBJ Auditorium.

To apply to Philanthropitch, visit

Applications are due March 19, 2018 at 11:59 pm CT.


Philanthropitch is a social impact fast-pitch event that helps innovative nonprofits scale sustainable models. Founded in 2013 in Austin, Texas, Philanthropitch has awarded more than half a million dollars to empower nonprofits to expand their impact. Nonprofits that step into the Philanthropitch spotlight not only gain access to capital, they also get top-notch coaching and find new fans – including partners, mentors and passionate volunteers. Philanthropitch is an initiative of Notley, a catalyst for social innovation unlocking new opportunities with today’s impact organizations and changing communities.

To learn more about Philanthropitch and get involved, visit


St. David’s Foundation is one of the largest health foundations in the United States, funding more than $70 million annually in a five-county area surrounding Austin, Texas. Through a unique partnership with St. David’s HealthCare, a Malcolm Baldrige award-winning hospital system in Central Texas, the Foundation reinvests proceeds from the hospital system back into the community, with the goal of building the healthiest community in the world. St. David’s Foundation also operates the largest mobile dental program providing charity care in the country and runs the largest healthcare scholarship program in Texas.

The foundation’s strategic priorities include:

  • Providing Central Texans with the healthiest care in the world,

  • Creating the healthiest places for Central Texans to live, and

  • Helping Central Texans become the healthiest people they can be.

Learn more about St. David’s Foundation at

Madi Finley