Meet the Team: Kelly Ballard

Yo ya no soy yo; por lo menos no soy el mismo yo interior.
— Che Guevara

This saying came when Guevara was traveling across South America on motorcycle. The quote translates roughly to mean that every time he crosses a border he is a different person because he takes a little of the country with him and leaves a little of himself behind. This quote impacts the way Kelly approaches life’s new experiences. She believes that every time you expose yourself to a new environment you change, and you should change.

Kelly is the Director of Youth Entrepreneurship here at Notley, which means she works to make sure that our local youth population has an abundance of entrepreneurial opportunities. Kelly recently joined the Notley team in this role through her work at Student INC, the creator of the nation’s first K-12 entrepreneurial education pathway model is raising the bar on youth entrepreneurship in Austin. Student INC empowers local students to become innovative leaders in their city through entrepreneurial education.

Kelly’s childhood career dream was to be an astronomer and pediatric oncologist, though she realized it would be very difficult to be a scientist and doctor. Through her time spent at Bazaarvoice Foundation, Kelly piloted the Student INC model, leading her to Notley as our resident youth entrepreneurship expert. She has found a passion for her work and she specifically loves “getting to interact with so many passionate people who are working to create social change.”

Kelly is passionate about hiking, environmental conservation, social impact, and traveling. In fact, if she could travel anywhere in the world it would be Antarctica so she can see the penguin chicks hatch. Her favorite place in the world, however, is the African bush which is more commonly referred to as the African savanna where most African animals dwell. Kelly’s biggest achievement thus far has been hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.

She is a passionate, enthusiastic, extroverted, and thoughtful individual. She believes experiences are above all things. Smiling is her favorite facial expression, while her guilty pleasure is napping. Her favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice (which she admits reluctantly). On the weekends you can find her at one of her favorite local Austin businesses like Contigo, Gourmands, or Alamo Drafthouse.

Briana Loeb