Morning Musings: Is This Real Life?

September 12th, 2017

It struck me this morning as I was reading through a pitch deck of a local startup, that an increasingly large number of companies looking for funding sound like premises for sci-fi movies.

I actually found myself asking the question: “Does this actually read your brainwaves to make decisions or is it really just tracking eye movement?” As though the latter answer would be somehow disappointing and less likely to get investment.

In addition to the “it’s the Uber of X” pitch which is now in its own bubble, we are also seeing pitches for virtual reality, augmented reality, drones that carry you like a miniature helicopter, autonomous boats, DNA editing technology, customized genetic cancer medication, brain computer interfaces, trips to space, and more. And of course everything uses AI and machine learning.

I love technology and its potential for change, but I still really enjoy investing in those companies that buy or make a product for X and sell it for 2X.

As I type this I’m sipping a Waterloo lime sparkling water, in which we are a proud investor.

Dan Graham