Morning Musings: Coming Soon

September 14th, 2017

Yesterday we had an intro call with Give Back Hack founder, Suzy Bureau. Needless to say, we are pumped! Suzy has created a model that is a variation on the widespread and popular Startup Weekend event for social enterprises, and we want to bring it to Austin.

Give Back Hack takes a weekend, a lot of ideas, a lot of energy, and a pool of people and creates a fast paced accelerator to get those companies some cash, some mentors and potentially some new team members -- ready for the next stage of growth. The catch? It’s all companies focused on social impact.

We are looking to build an ecosystem around social innovation across the nonprofit and for-profit spheres. It’s why we fund Philanthropitch, it’s why we are building a Center for Social Innovation, it’s why we are bringing Dan Pallotta and The Bolder Board Training in to town, and it’s why we are jumping at the chance to bring Suzy’s passion and ideas to Austin by way of Give Back Hack.

Got ideas? Share them. Join the movement. Help make Austin the Social Innovation Capital of the World™.

Dan Graham