Bringing Dan Pallotta to Austin

The Bolder Board Training liberates Nonprofit Organizations and Social Impact companies from the cultural and financial constraints they feel and empowers them to discover new paths to reach their goals.

The training offers an innovative approach that attendees can use to empower their board. Dan Pallotta encourages nonprofits to think more like for-profit companies and vice versa, by suggesting that nonprofit leadership invest in staff, programs and marketing. This inventive, yet controversial idea provides the push many nonprofits need to achieve their maximum impact. 

In Pallotta's TED Talk, he elegantly states that if the business community were held to the same standards as nonprofits, businesses would never accomplish anything. It's ideas like this that makes me excited about the impact this training will have on our community. You can purchase tickets here

I would also like to highlight our incredible Host Committee and I Live Here I Give Here for amplifying our efforts in bringing The Bolder Board Training to Austin. 

Hope to see you there, 


Briana Loeb