Our First Podcast

Creating a podcast has taught us many things, and while we are still far from perfect, we're getting BETTER. 

Everyday we get to meet with individuals, organizations, and companies with ideas that could change the world, and we want to tell their stories. We decided that a podcast was the best way to distribute these stories, so we dove in head first. Here are a few things we've learned along the way.

  1. Producing a project that includes multiple parties, all of whom have busy schedules, means that scheduling conflicts are inevitable. You have to coordinate the studio, producer, guests and host. Getting everyone into the studio at one time takes creative scheduling, so try planning at least a month in advance.

  2. Building a trusted team is paramount to the success of a podcast. Recording and editing take special technical skills that even the most technically inclined can't figure out. No matter how smooth the recording process is, there will still need to be edits. Finding a studio and audio engineer who are also committed to the vision makes this process a lot easier. We are lucky enough to have the help of Shayna Brown from Chez Boom Audio in Austin, TX.

  3. Starting a new project is exciting and often that means we skip some of the important planning that is needed in the beginning. Our first time in the studio went well, the conversation flowed and our guests offered interesting insights on the topic. As we worked through our outline for the episode it became apparent that we didn't have a name!

    • The name Change The Rules was born out of our motto Change The Rules :: Change The World. It took one episode for us to get into the swing of recording and a few more brainstorming meetings to lock down the branding.

  4. Put a plan in place for how you follow up and distribute the episodes. Recording them is one thing, but the point is to share them. There are many distribution options, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud and your own website. Setting up an RSS feed is the first step.

  5. Bring alcohol to your recording sessions for the folks that needs a little liquid courage! We like mimosas and bloody marys (but don't let Kat make them). Just be careful not to gulp too loudly or clink your ice too close to the mic.

Be sure to check out this week's episode of Change The Rules. We released the first episode we ever recorded, warts and all. Enjoy!

Madi Finley