Is Your Impact Too Small?

Your nonprofit may be great, but is your impact too small?

How many people are you helping every year? How big are your outcomes and what do you count as a win from a mission perspective?

Because it’s a good cause and because you are sinking your time, which is precious, into it, it’s easy to feel good about the work you’re doing. There’s another important responsibility you may be forgetting -- to maximize the mission aligned results of your time and your treasure.

Don’t make volunteering about all about you and how you feel. Don’t make working at a nonprofit about you and how you feel. Make it about advancing the mission as much as possible with your time.

A good question to ask is: “If my organization did everything I could hope for, how many people would I impact” -- what’s the best case scenario?

If your answer is 100 people or even 1,000 people, I challenge you to think bigger. I challenge you to consider other models, other nonprofits or maybe even another cause. What’s the limiter?

Be bold. Be big. Be world changing.

Dan Graham