Stop Starting Nonprofits

Stop starting nonprofits and stop re-inventing wheels.

At least once a week, I grab coffee with someone who has a great idea….for another nonprofit. About 90% of the time, I spend the meeting walking them through the other 5 organizations in town who are tackling the same issue with virtually the same solution.

I’m not against competition and I’m not against overhead, but unlike a for-profit where everyone is out to maximize their own profit, grab as many customers as possible and rejoice in competition failing, the nonprofit world is about impact, fixing big problems, making the world a better place and working together to achieve big results. Be mission driven, not ego driven. Seriously evaluate what else is out there and whether the best and biggest impact will truly be had through the creation of another 501c3.

Check out I Live Here I Give Here's database of Austin nonprofits. Chances are there is already an organization looking for volunteers or donations with the same mission.

Dan Graham