What's Going On in San Antonio?

I recently took a three day trip to San Antonio where we are working to launch Philanthropitch. The event will be held on February 27th, 2018. I met with so many great people and organizations and had so many great takeaways.

Some exciting ideas and learnings from my visit:

  • Giving Days are alive and well and there is a lot of A/B testing going on nationwide that Austin should be taking advantage of. It would probably be effective for I Live Here I Give Here to do some research on what is working and what isn’t across the country. Here are two examples:

    • San Antonio began charging $200 for a nonprofit to participate. This did not noticeably impact their funding, it reduced complaints and emails, and generated $120,000 in operating income for their organization.

    • Louisville got their local area foundation (our ACF) to do a Donor Advised Fund optional match. It added $2 Million last year!

  • United Ways are having more and more success engaging emerging leaders and young people by creating more innovative programming and options beyond the traditional corporate giving campaigns.

  • To top it all off, the San Antonio Spurs' Coyote mascot is available for private nonprofit events and that really has our wheels turning.

We are excited to bring Philanthropitch to San Antonio, tickets are available HERE!

Dan Graham