A Legacy of Giving Joins Notley

Originally posted on the A Legacy of Giving website.


A Legacy of Giving is excited to announce that it is now a philanthropic initiative of Notley.

Notley believes that by investing in people we can change the world. And that starts with an investment in children and teens. To that end, Notley is actively identifying sustainable and scalable programs to invest funding, expand operational resources, and grow impact. Notley’s goal is to engage, inspire, and transform the next generation through meaningful philanthropic programming and experiences, and we are delighted to be joining their team.

“I am thrilled that Lisa and Dan Graham and Notley have partnered with A Legacy of Giving to continue growing our amazing mission. As A Legacy of Giving embarks on a new and exciting future, it will continue to have a lasting impact on the lives of Austin children and our community,” said A Legacy of Giving’s Founder Linda Brucker.

As part of our exciting future, A Legacy of Giving introduces its new Executive Director, Austin native Caroline Page. For the past five years, Caroline has overseen Robin Hood’s Family and Youth Philanthropy Programs in New York City. These programs, many of which Caroline incubated and scaled, educated young people and families on the issues of poverty and instilled philanthropic values to children of all ages and all socioeconomic backgrounds. Caroline is “thrilled to have the opportunity to continue the strong program that Linda Brucker founded and deepen our engagement and impact with students.”

Notley and A Legacy of Giving are thrilled to have Caroline lead A Legacy of Giving as we inspire, teach, and lead a new generation of philanthropists in the students of Central Texas and beyond.

Briana Loeb