Best in Show - in Austin

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The dog days of spring are finally here and I want to spend a few minutes wagging my tail about a really cool competition debuting this year in Austin to support our pets. Remember the classic movie, Best in Show? Well… it’s happening! get your tickets !

One of our communities most notable accomplishments is Austin going no-kill, and we are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this year as one of the largest no kill cities in the country. I am excited to celebrate this awesomeness because growing up with Fuzzy (I hadn’t yet developed my great naming skills at age 4 - like with and Owen’s Garage), had such an impact on my life, and whatever I can do to help support our animal community and keep our animals alive and get them into loving homes, I’ll do.

To help celebrate the 5 year mark, the City of Austin and have created an opportunity through this new event, Best In Show, for individuals and teams to fundraise April 1st - 30th for the Austin Humane Society, Austin Pets Alive!, Emancipet, and Friends of Austin Animal Center, culminating with a free event for the Austin community on May 7th at The Austin Animal Center.

A la the cinematic beauty that is “Best In Show,” the Best In Show Fest event on May 7th will feature competition in categories like Best In Show (duh), Owner-Pup-Look-A-Like, and Underdog Story. Cats more your thing? You can submit a video and the top 5 funniest cat videos will show at the Best In Show Festival and they’ll be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize!

There are opportunities to get involved and sponsor AND animal focused non-profits can set up a booth, fo’ free, on the 7th and meet an amazing community of supporters! Contact Haley Swindell for details.

There is a ton of information that our amazing team put together - so check out the Facebook Page, share the Facebook Event with your friends, and get 140 character updates!

Head over to Crowdrise to set up your fundraising page, get your tickets and I will see you Saturday, May 7th!

Briana Loeb