Goodbye Josh

Goodbye, Josh. I don't know that I can remember the last time I've cried for multiple days in a row. One part grief, one part futility and three parts rage. Fuck cancer.

My friend and my colleague died this week and he was an amazing man. Josh fought for a year and was optimistic, strong and eager to improve the lives of everyone around him right through the end. Through his treatments, through his diagnosis, through losing the use of his legs. Through everything. He insisted on plugging away and talked about how he would continue contributing even in the days leading to his passing.

His strength astounds me, his optimism inspires me, and his passing infuriates me. Fuck cancer.

I know and believe that we stand at the precipice of greater and fantastic advancements in medicine, treatments and cures, and that makes it even more unfair. Like one of the last soldiers to die just before the treaty is signed, except this war has no point and no enemy we can yet attack. Yet.

I'll miss you, Josh


Dan Graham