Correcting the World's Vision via Social Enterprise

Every once in awhile you see something that makes you think "oh wow. This is going to change the world," but that rarely happens and even more rarely does it happen in the form of a social enterprise. I was privileged to be at the Mayor's office recently to experience such a thing last week called Vision for a Nation when Hong Kong's James Chen came to visit.

Imagine glasses where each lens is adjustable via a small dial to bring each eye into focus, quickly creating custom "prescription" glasses in seconds. What if those glasses only cost $3 to produce and were quickly on their way to being cheaper than $1. That's exactly what James Chen and his team have done. You can see the evolution of the product from left to right (the Mayor is wearing the oldest version, and I'm wearing the newest and most stylish -- Adam Zeplain in the middle).

Vision for a Nation is now in Rwanda solving the communities vision problems and they are just getting started. So far? They are scaling, they are financially sustainable, and they are crushing it! I am so excited for this innovation and can't wait to see what they will do. Corrected vision is something we take for granted and we joke about how bad our sight is without contacts or glasses -- but imagine what it's like in rural villages or countries where there are no options and where being able to see are crucial for survival.

One Notley Fund's portfolio companies, Verb, is doing a competition for these guys and it is going to be awesome. Be sure to stay tuned!

One world problem checked off the list! Onward.

Dan Graham



Dan Graham