Are we the only ones who think it’s crazy that 2015 is coming to a close? We’ve hit some big milestones through Philanthropitch this year and have some pretty exciting plans in place for 2016! But the real story here is the awesome work our finalists continue to do long after their involvement in Philanthropitch.

For those of you who have attended a Philanthropitch event, you know that these nonprofit leaders have about 3 minutes to share their story with you and hopefully get you hooked on their mission/vision. But then what happens? How do you keep up with their programs?

We plan to use this blog as a platform to extend these nonprofits’ stories and share them with all of you, plus create a resource for you to find ways to stay engaged in the community in between Philanthropitch events.

Sound like something you might be interested in? We hope so!

Now we keep mentioning our previous nonprofit finalists, but who are they? We’re so proud of the work each of the finalists have accomplished after participating in Philanthropitch and are excited to add to the list in 2016. Check out the full list of finalists and results here!

Since we started Philanthropitch in 2013, it has given $375,000 among these organizations! We look forward to sharing with all of you how this program (and the funding that comes with it) has made a tangible impact, as well as our plans to expand Philanthropitch. So check back for more exciting updates and stay tuned for our next post as we’ll highlight a previous Philanthropitch finalist. Think about it as a “Where Are They Now” segment!

Stay tuned!

Briana Loeb