Notley provides targeted, bespoke support to a variety of organizations.  Each engagement is customized to the particular needs of the client and engagements typically include one or more of the following areas of focus.  

Real Estate

We help nonprofits considering development opportunities with technical assistance, pre-construction support, financial analysis, capital formation and site selection services.  


Whether you are putting together a pro-forma, exploring an earned revenue model, or considering a capital campaign, our team of professionals can provide the support, tools and analysis you need to make informed, financially sound decisions.


We can serve as your outsourced accounting department, train your bookkeeper or set up your chart of accounts in addition to managing compliance.  We do not typically provide tax advice but are happy to refer you to a capable partner from our network.

Looking to find operational efficiencies, incorporate best practices or explore new strategic opportunities? Perhaps you just need to set up your HR department or make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. We’re here to help.

Operations & Strategy

Being an executive can be lonely. Providing your team with rigorous personal development can be a challenge.  We can provide 1:1 mentorship to executives, or trainings for staff.