Episode 11 - These Walls Bring Us Together

Today we're excited to bring Andi Scull Cheathman, Founder and Executive Producer of HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Events, to the studio. HOPE Events is a nonprofit production company where artists and makers donate their time and talents to giving back. HOPE is also the founding organization behind the HOPE Campaign, HOPE Farmers Market, and the HOPE Outdoor Gallery.

We spoke with Andi about HOPE Outdoor Gallery, a once abandoned area of Austin's downtown that later transformed into a haven for local artists and the global street art movement. The HOPE Outdoor Gallery is now an internationally recognized arts destination featuring renowned artists like Shepard Fairey.

HOPE announced last year that they'll be relocating the art park to Carson Creek Ranch. Learn more about HOPE's vision for the future of Austin's arts community in our latest episode! 



Lisa Graham - Co-Founder, Notley

Dan Graham - Co-Founder, Notley

Matt McDonnell - Managing Partner, Notley


Andi Scull Cheathman - Founder & Executive Producer, HOPE Events


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Shayna Brown - Founder of Chez Boom Audio


Chez Boom Audio


HOPE Artists
HOPE Farmers Market
HOPE Outdoor Gallery
HOPE Music Program

These Walls Can Talk

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